Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Honeymoon

Travel + Leisure confirmed they are traveling to Namibia.

The Most Stylish Celebrity Honeymoons in History

Future newlyweds take note.

Honeymoon Paradise: The Italian Countryside
MCs senior fashion editor, Zanna Roberts Rassi, found the perfect ho…
guy and girl with cardboard boxes over their heads with painted smiley faces
My Marriage Fell Apart...on Our Honeymoon!
We'd heard the first year of marriage was the hardest, but would we …
wedding cake toppers
Wedding Trends That Make It All Worthwhile
Wedding Trends That Make It All Worthwhile
My Ideal Vacation Day Plan
Last week, I took vacation days on Friday and Monday; I was taking an out-of-town weekend to attend a good friend's bachelorette party …
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Where the Etiquette Books Get it Wrong
Wedding trends that send guests into mutiny.
wedding cake toppers
Wedding Etiquette Advice
Advice from the experts about the big day.
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Bridal Wedding Etiquette
Wise words from the bride.