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Why Can't I "Close"?

Closing is the fine art of finishing what you've started. You meet a girl, you charm her up, you close the deal. Going home and making out, going on a date the next week, or getting a girlfriend out of the conversation are all outcomes of a successful close.

Here are the reasons I can't close:

I'm Not Sure Of My Goal

What do I really want on an average night out anyway? There comes that fateful crossroad every time I'm talking to a girl: do I get her number and try to ask her out on a date, or do I ask her if she wants to hang out at my apartment at the end of the night? Bottom line, without a clear goal in my head, how am I supposed to accomplish anything? Sometimes I feel successful when a girl just says I'm cute. I go out on top at that point, because I'm sure it will all be downhill from there if I try to push it further.

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