Are Girlfriends the New Husbands?
She's had your back through breakups, pink slips, even that ridiculous paleo diet you tried last fall. Is it any wonder that for a generation of women staying single longer, BFFs are now pinch-hitting as spouses? Whitney Joiner reports on the perks ̵
bride and groom
I'm Fatter Than My Husband
Till pounds do us part? How one woman's weight gain strained her wed…
The Controversial Rise in Manimony
Women have worked so hard to get this far and make some serious cash…
woman on laptop looking conflicted A Place for Cheaters to Meet
My editor sent me a fascinating story about the business behind the …
wedding cake toppers
What Scares You Most About Marriage?
After my little sister's beautiful wedding in the Wine Country of Lo…
stay at home husband with family
Real-Life Stay-at-Home Husbands
For the first time, women make up a majority of America's workforce. And at home, a few good men are taking up the slack.
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Bad for Your Career: A Hardworking Husband
Women married to workaholic men are more likely to quit their jobs.
Sex, love, dating advice and help.
An Educational Family Weekend
This past weekend the entire family was home to rake leaves and go to the football game in Baltimore.  Of course, I was the only one wi…
woman in gray sweater sitting on couch
Living with a Crazy Husband
One woman's trip to the dark side and back.
wedding cake toppers
I Was Married With Baggage
Six marriages, two people
Is Separation Necessary For a Healthy Relationship?
Father's day is a reminder of the good and the bad of separation in relationships. When I was eight, my parents split up. My dad had m…
How Do Threesomes Happen?
Is a threesome something that you just fall into and let take you for a ride? Or is it something that requires long-term work and pers…
But Seriously Will You Marry Me?
Staging the proposal of the century.
Women Who Hit Men

More common and serious than you think.

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model on runway
What to Wear to Your High School Reunion
Six ensembles that celebrate your success.
I Married a Total Stranger

How would an arranged marriage play in America?

Marzia with daughter Noyi - kite makers of Kabul.
The Kite Makers of Kabul
Afghanistan's only female kite makers.
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Women Who Hit
Women Who Hit Men
Chris Norris on a relationship trend that's more common and serious than you think.
beta male standing behind alpha female in suit
Test Drive: The Starter Husband
Why get married before trying one on?
Alpha Woman vs Beta Male
Why I Left My Beta Husband
The alpha female/beta male conundrum.