4 Women with 4 Very Different Incomes Open Up About the Lives They Can Afford

From a single mother just above the poverty line to a real-estate millionaire.

What Does It Cost to be Single These Days?
Blowing that hard-earned paycheck on shoes and cocktails? Saving for…
money in box
The Rich Girl's Money Rules to Live By
Want to earn more? Spend smarter? Live a glamorous life? Take charge…
How to Save Like French Women
What living in the style capital of the world taught one American ab…
The Rich Girl's Money Rules to Live By
They did it, and you can, too. How to turn your 9 to 5 into the ulti…
hand with jewelry and money
Money Shrink Makeovers
We sent a pair of successful professionals with serious wallet woes to a money therapist for some tough love about their freewheeling f…
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