Acid Attack Survivor Slays NYFW

This woman is incredible.

Brave Acid-Attack Survivor Does Beauty Tutorials...

Prepare to be moved, to be angered, and to take action.

rural india
This Injustice in India Will Make Your Jaw Drop
Unfortunately, you are reading this right.
Bharathi Kannamma
5 Things You Need to Know Right Now
We got you.
Anjali Jaiswal
The next Erin Brockovich
pregnant indian women
23 Shocking News Stories
Expand your horizons with 23 international stories you don't want to miss.
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The Truth Behind Indian Call Centers
If You're Furious Press "1"
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A Little Piece of India
I went to India for the first time a year ago and Im already craving to return.
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India's Poorest Women Fight Back
Fed up with abusive husbands and corrupt officials, India's poorest women are fighting back.
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Resort Trend: Indian Stunner
Gone Bollywood: Top designers do timeless Indian chic.
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Travel Guide: Mumbai, India
Places to stay, sights to see, things to buy and try.
Pratibha Patil: President, India
Women in Power in Politics
Female leaders around the world.
After a day working in the fields, these Indian children get their one, clandestine chance at an education.
The Secret Night School
One chance at an education.
I Married a Total Stranger

How would an arranged marriage play in America?

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Christina Aguilera
Skin: The New Status Symbol
Has the West's tanning challenged the East's belief about pale skin?
By the shores of the Arabian Sea,  India's Hindus cleanse their souls.
India's Hindu Water Worshippers
By the shores of the Arabian Sea, India's Hindus cleanse their souls.
pregnant indian women
Surrogate Mothers: Womb for Rent
These days we outsource everything to India. So why not pregnancy?
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femail indian soldier
Seema Dhundia: Commander
Seema Dhundia, former commander of the world's first all-female paramilitary in India and current head of the first all-female U.N. pea…