Internet Response to Brexit

Social media users are responding by laughing through their tears.

PSA: People with Old Phones Will Soon Be Cut Off...

Told you to get rid of that flip phone.

Important: This Is the Internet Slang Being Added...

Definitions on fleek.

3 Wi-Fi Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Never have that Netflix-is-taking-forever-to-buffer problem again.

Virtual Web Crimes
"Break my virtual heart, and I'll boil your virtual rabbit."
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woman with laptop
4 Ways to Save Money on the Web
Quick and easy tips to saving money by using the internet.
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I Cyber-Stalked His Ex
My ex-boyfriend's wife loves whiskey. How do I know? I cyber-stalked her.
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The Fake MySpace Boyfriend
Creating a fake boyfriend to make your ex jealous used to be a complicated matter (see The Wedding Date), but now, all it takes is a la…
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Cleaning Up Your E-Image
Scrubbing down a tarnished online reputation
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Becoming that Girl
Was my blow-job technique subpar?
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I dealt my new ex three more punches to the gut.
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How Online Dating Made Me a Recluse
You have to put in at least 15 hours a week
Dating Diaries - Google Backlash
My Google Baggage
He shrugged. "I Googled you."
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Gadgets For Girls
Tx2ual Healing?
Too much texting?
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7 Secrets for Success

How to come out on top