ISIS's Latest Victim: An Iraqi Women's Rights Activist
Sameera Salih Ali al-Nuaimy, a human rights lawyer, was executed in public after days of torture.
The Women Who Are Marrying Themselves To ISIS
While the rest of the western world lives in fear of ISIS's terror i…
captured suicide bomber's vest
When the Suicide Bomber is a Woman
Why are women signing up to be suicide bombers?
Kellie McCoy
The next General Petraeus
The Lost Girls
Collateral damage in the war in Iraq? Young women.
lynndie england
Lynndie England : A Soldier's Tale
The face of Abu Ghraib.
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Love in the time of terror
She was a single mom; he was divorced and searching. Together they kindled an epic passion for each other and jihad.
iragi refugee prostitutes
Iraqi Refugees: Sex for Survival
For some Iraqi refugees, prostitution is the only trick they feel they've got left.
I Lost My Love in Baghdad
They were a normal couple trying for a happy life in a nightmare world.
Tammy Duckworth
Interview With Tammy Duckworth
Former Army Major Tammy Duckworth lost both her legs when Iraqi insurgents launched a grenade at the Black Hawk helicopter she was copi…