You Should Wear Your Engagement Ring to Interview

Bruce Hurwitz thinks flashy engagement rings are unprofessional. He's wrong.

The Best (and Worst) Cities for Finding a Job in...
If you're yearning for a fresh start, consider this map before you m…
A Millennial Career Expert on Dream-Job FOMO and...

Job or No Job guru Jane Buckingham gives it to us straight.

Starbucks Promises to Hire More 16-to-24-Year-Olds
Along with Target, Macy's, and Microsoft, it's trying to make change in a down economy.
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Why You Didn't Get The Job
BuzzFeed's Senior People Manager, Erica Bromberg, shares what makes even the most qualified applicants get passed over.
How to Deliver a Knockout Speech
We asked Spanx founder Sara Blakely, who delivers on average 20 speeches a year, for her no-fail tips on how to command the room and wo…
mexican female drug lords
The Lady Gangsters: Mexico's Female Drug Lords
When Estrella Hermila Ramos's gangster father was gunned down by the local drug cartel, she didn't mourn himinstead, she made a play fo…
kathryn bigelow from the hurt locker
Interview with The Hurt Locker Director
Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow describes the heroic bomb squad at the heart of her film, The Hurt Locker.
man and woman making out between shelves of files
5 Tips for Navigating an Office Romance
If you're going to do it, here are a few things to keep in mind to minimize the damages
jay leno
Which Late-Night Talk Show Host Would You Sleep With?
Take our poll: Which Talk Show Host Turns You On?
travel tips and recipes from uruguay
Should You Brown Bag It?
Are a few bucks saved really worth all that effort?
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"Hey, Can You Help Me Log On?"
My boss can't boot up without me. But for some reason, I'm still the assistant.
getting a pay raise in a recession
Getting Fired: What No One Tells You
Why getting fired could be the best thing that ever happened to you.
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What's Your Office Persona?
Sweating a pink slip? Adopt one of these quirky-but-crucial office personas
megan mcArthur
5 Dangerous Jobs
Be bold. Meet five American women who have taken on some intensely gutsy gigs.
Classic suits for a day at the office
Travel Smarts: Your New Excuse for a Sabbatical
Your new excuse for a sabbatical in Paris? It'll make you a superstar employee.
woman looking at a clock
Moonlighting Makes a Comeback
Nearly 2 million American women hold down two jobs, a figure experts say will rise if the economy doesn't rebound soon.
hairstyles for work
Hair to Get You Hired
You've proofread your résumé and dry-cleaned your career separates, but a stiff job market means the slightest detail even the wrong u…
Holiday Gift Guide
Personal Business Cards - A Networking Must
If you're out of a job, dole out proper business cards at your next meet-and-greet.
woman in desk chair with newspaper
Layoff Advice from Alpha Females
When high-flying female execs lose their jobs, how do they cope? Listen and learn.
What it Means to Dress "Professionally"
Oscar Levant said, "There's no problem so simple a little explanation can't make complex." Just ask a business consultant what it mean…
Layoff Insurance Is This Summer's Vacation Essential
Antsy employees, worried they'll have to bag their pricey getaways in the event of a downsizing, are shelling out for layoff insurance.
Useful Gadgets for Commuters
If you're one of the nation's 3 million extreme commuters (you log more than 90 minutes a day to get to work), consider these sanity-sa…
man and woman in bed
Could Your Pillow Talk Send You To Jail?
Pssst, Darling...Could your pillow talk land you in jail?