5 Things You Must Do Before Asking for a Raise

#3 is crucial.

You Should Wear Your Engagement Ring to Interview
Bruce Hurwitz thinks flashy engagement rings are unprofessional. He'…
These Are the Highest Paying Jobs in America

Get the paycheck you deserve, stat.

These Are the 10 Best Jobs in America

Polish off your resume, stat.

The Best (and Worst) Cities for Finding a Job in...
If you're yearning for a fresh start, consider this map before you m…
A Millennial Career Expert on Dream-Job FOMO and Why It's Okay If You Don't Know What You Want Yet

Job or No Job guru Jane Buckingham gives it to us straight.

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Starbucks Promises to Hire More 16-to-24-Year-Olds
Along with Target, Macy's, and Microsoft, it's trying to make change in a down economy.
Why You Didn't Get The Job
BuzzFeed's Senior People Manager, Erica Bromberg, shares what makes even the most qualified applicants get passed over.
How to Deliver a Knockout Speech
We asked Spanx founder Sara Blakely, who delivers on average 20 speeches a year, for her no-fail tips on how to command the room and wo…
mexican female drug lords
The Lady Gangsters: Mexico's Female Drug Lords
When Estrella Hermila Ramos's gangster father was gunned down by the local drug cartel, she didn't mourn himinstead, she made a play fo…
kathryn bigelow from the hurt locker
Interview with The Hurt Locker Director
Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow describes the heroic bomb squad at the heart of her film, The Hurt Locker.
man and woman making out between shelves of files
5 Tips for Navigating an Office Romance
If you're going to do it, here are a few things to keep in mind to minimize the damages
jay leno
Which Late-Night Talk Show Host Would You Sleep With?
Take our poll: Which Talk Show Host Turns You On?
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travel tips and recipes from uruguay
Should You Brown Bag It?
Are a few bucks saved really worth all that effort?
"Hey, Can You Help Me Log On?"
My boss can't boot up without me. But for some reason, I'm still the assistant.
getting a pay raise in a recession
Getting Fired: What No One Tells You
Why getting fired could be the best thing that ever happened to you.
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model in cream jacket over black blouse and black and white skirt
Six Questions to Ask Before Relocating
The ex-pat checklist.
What's Your Office Persona?
Sweating a pink slip? Adopt one of these quirky-but-crucial office personas
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5 Dangerous Jobs
Be bold. Meet five American women who have taken on some intensely gutsy gigs.