a man looking at his laptop
4 Ways Porn Is Ruining My Love Life
I recently came across an article that enlightened me (and scared me…
Does Aggressiveness Ever Pay?
Let me tell you how my friend's recent date one-upped a vampire for …
girl and guy kissing
Is A Bad First Kiss a Relationship Killer?
He Said/She Said: Abraham Lloyd and Diana Vilibert get on their dati…
two women with long hair in men's clothing
I Kissed a Girl and Loved It
The most surprising thing about sleeping with women was what it taug…
Who Is Your "One That Got Away?"
Do you have "the one that got away?" To qualify, they must have the following two characteristics:We had to have a chance with them at…
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girl and guy kissing
I Kissed My Coworker! What Now?
Things got a little out of hand at an office party yesterday, and I ended up making out with a colleague. Do we talk about what happene…
Rich Santos - Sex and the Single Guy blog
Does Loss of Innocence Equal Loss of Romance?
Today Im watching a pretty weekend storm outside, by myself of course. Ive been having moments of weakness, listening to Bob Seger (yo…
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Paris Travel & Romance Guide
Your guide to the world's most romantic city.
My First Kiss and My Pounding Heart
Remembering her face before I kissed her...
Spousal Arousal
Candidates public displays of affection.