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laid off

3 Ways Your Boss Keeps Tabs on You
How employers keep tabs on their workforce, and what you can do to protect yourself.
getting a pay raise in a recession
Getting Fired: What No One Tells You
Why getting fired could be the best thing that ever happened to you.
woman in desk chair with newspaper
Layoff Advice from Alpha Females
When high-flying female execs lose their jobs, how do they cope? Lis…
Pink-Slip Princess: When My Side Gig Became My...
I always thought I was better than the other employees at the bar be…
shirley temple in baby take a bow
Confessions of a Pink-Slip Princess: Adventures...
Charlotte takes ballet classes, sings American and Korean lullabies,…
Confessions of a Pink-Slip Princess: Extra Baggage
The idea of being on a movie set and catching a glimpse of Angelina seemed pretty cool, and it wasnt like I had anything else going on.
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women on stationary bikes
Confessions of a Pink-Slip Princess: The Gym
If Im going to go broke and remain in career limbo, at least Ill be in kick-ass shape.
maura kutner
Confessions of a Pink-Slip Princess: The Axe
This decision has nothing to do with you, said the HR rep.
former investmant banker melissa afromowitz
Surviving a Layoff
Three women prove there is life after losing your job.
I Think I'm Going to Get Fired - What Now?
Dear CC: I think I'm going to get fired in a few weeks. But I am very close to landing a new, better job. Do I grab it or stall and col…