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Get a Better Butt
Create tight and lean glutes and legs.
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Easy Arm Exercises
How to get gorgeous arms with simple moves.
woman in cardigan and leopard print swimsuit
Cheerleader Workout: Get Your Best Legs Ever
2-4-6-8, this video will make your legs look great!
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Exercises for A-List Legs
Tone and tighten your legs with these quick tips.
woman doing bicycle crunches
Increase Your Metabolism and Bone Density
Get fit and healthy with this great exercise.
woman in black blazer and pants
3 Easy Pieces Seven Ways!
Blazer, belt, and pants
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How to tone your upper body on the rowing machine
How to Tone Your Upper Body
The rower isn't a wimpy workout if you know how to use it right.
Beauty 101: Shaving
Shaving Kit Steals
Steal his stuff
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Micro Skirts and Mini Shorts
Balance bare legs big bags.
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Sexy Thighs
Get your legs slim and toned
Banish Dry Skin
Make dry skin a thing of the past with these tips from dermatologist David Sire, M.D.