Xena and Gabrielle


Xena Will Be Openly Gay in NBC's 'Warrior Princess' Reboot

Xena + Gabrielle = relationship goals.

Update: Cate Blanchett Has *Not* Had Lesbian...
But she also doesn't really care if you think she has.
A New Report Says Movies Are Way Behind When It...
GLAAD is proving Hollywood has a long way to go.
11 Lesbians Share Their Coming-Out Stories
"My mother said, 'Well, you *do* own a lot of blazers...'"
two models in all white outfits
Is Experimentation More Common Than Most Think?
A new study finds it's not just relegated to college campuses. 
Why Are You Straight? Or Gay?
In the wake of a horrific anti-gay hate crime in New York, I talked to the author of a new book about the biological forces that shape …
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stephanie and her mother
Like Mother, (Not) Like Daughter
How does a makeup-hating tomboy come out to her beauty queen of a mom?
debra messing and eric mccormack as will and grace
Where Have All the Gay People Gone?
Has TV gone hopelessly hetero?
two women with long hair in men's clothing
I Kissed a Girl and Loved It
The most surprising thing about sleeping with women was what it taught me about my own body.
My Co-Worker Just Told Me He's Gay
Dear CC: A co-worker recently walked up to my desk to announce that she was coming out of the closet. How was I supposed to react? Righ…
two women with long hair in men's clothing
Girl Love: How Gay Are You?
A seemingly straight woman falls for another woman; an erstwhile lesbian winds up with a man.