Ryan Reynolds And Jake Gyllenhaal Just Can't Deal

They act like a pair of teenage BFFs and it's glorious.

9 Indispensable Life Lessons From '90s Teen Movies
Beyond "everything is better with a makeover." Get more life lessons…
woman working career
9 Ways Your Career Is Your Boyfriend
They're both frustrating, fulfilling, and all-consuming. Learn more …
josh duhamel
Josh Duhamel's Glam Life
You're hot." That was the genius pickup line uttered by Josh Duhamel…
woman by window in striped lingerie
Easy Ways To Get In The Mood
Kick work stress out of the bedroom and get back to business.
Excerpt from My Second Book: Jemima J
God, I wish I were thin. I wish I were thin, gorgeous and could get any many I want. You probably think I'm crazy. I mean here I am, …
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Writing My Second Novel
When it came to writing my second novel, I knew I wanted to do something different. In Straight Talking I had bared my soul, and the pr…
Television: What To Watch
What to save, and what to delete?
What to wear for a weekend in the city; $165, Matt Bernson.
Shopping List: A City Weekend
Shopping, brunching, gallery-going with the gals.
The Hardest Choice
Real Life: Why I Chose Abortion
The easiest choice I've ever made is also the hardest to live with.
Abortion Clinics in South Dakota
The Last Clinic Standing
Abortion debate