living flirtatiously

Why Anal Sex is Shifting How We Discuss Consent

And why it's more important to be having these discussions than ever.

8 First Date Tips for Every Feminist

Who run this dinner? Girls.

single girl alone in apartment
Why We Stand By Our Bad Boys ... Even in...
How the Bard's "problem plays" portray women willing to take back wo…
gay pride parade
How Gay Marriage Is Good for Straight Women
Will it help ensure that more of us can find "a marriage of equals?"
outlaw bonnie parker
The Most Famous Gun Molls in History
A mobster on the FBI's Most Wanted List is caught, after 16 years on…
jon huntsman
Let Us Now Objectify Presidential Men
Who is the hottest wanna-be leader of the free world?
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man taking photo of himself
Pushing Back Against Literal Weiner Pics
Should we pipe up the next time someone on a dating site sends us an unwanted picture?
bill clinton
Is Bill Clinton a Hypocrite?
He's furious at Weiner? Hello, double standard!
woman looking at her skin in the mirror
Do We Fall in Love with Flaws?
Are a person's shortcomings or imperfections what make us fall for him? 
anthony weiner and huma abedin
Weinergate: When Is It Cheating?
What Weiner did was gross, but it wasn't technically cheating, was it?
anthony weiner
Anthony Weiner's Wife Didn't Stand By Her Man
Unlike many political wives, she was noticeably absent during the press conference at which he admitted to his transgressions. 
woman in bed
Do Nearly Half of Us Suffer Female Sexual Dysfunction?
The documentary "Orgasm Inc." will get you riled up about the people trying to cash in on an "epidemic" that isn't.
man and woman on airplane
Is a Bad Vacation a Relationship Dealbreaker?
If he drives you crazy during your romantic getaway, is it time to write him off? 
midnight in paris
Should You Date Someone Who Scorns Your Dreams?
"Midnight in Paris" got me thinking about boyfriends who are dismissive when you talk of changing careers. 
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woman taking off bra before sex
Is Prostitution Inherently Problematic?
In Cambodia, some say it's the better option compared to demoralizing factory work.
judge with gavel in courtroom
The Strange Case of the "Rape Cops"
Two members of the NYPD who were accused of raping a drunk woman were found not guilty.  
woman and man flirting
Do Powerful Men Often Become Sexual Predators?
When they are in powerful positions, do they think they can get away with anything? Or that every woman in the world must be hot for th…
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friends having coffee in the woods
4 Myths about Comforting Friends
Should you say "I'm here if you need me?" Or is there more you can do to help?
friend comforting friend
Do's and Don'ts for Comforting a Friend Post-Breakup
Here's what to say when a pal is dealing with a painful split.
mexico pointy toed boots
Would You Date a Man Wearing These Boots?
Or is the pointy-toed genie shoe craze crazy?