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Our Editor's Favorite Workouts for 2019

From a boxing-slash-yoga class to a cardio workout on a trampoline, these are the fitness routines Marie Claire's editors will be trying this year.

goldie hawn
Blame It on the Autobots: Action Movies Make You...
There goes your Doritos-fueled Marvel marathon.
13 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

And how to start seeing results.

12 Fast Fat-Burning Moves
Watch these videos for quick tips on how to jump-start your workout routine.
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model in front of prayer flags in bhutan
Get a Fresh Start to 2010
Get smart, sexy, and stylish.
Four Easy Way to Lose 10 Pounds
Marathons. Carb-free diets. Enough with the grandiose resolutions! This year, stick to your usual habits, but vow to make one small dai…
hand weights and an apple
Calorie Counting vs. Exercising
What's the most effective way to drop the pounds? Two MC staffers sign up for a 30-day challenge one revamps her eating plan, the othe…
Sporty Fashion For You
Kickstart Your Metabolism
No time for a long, intense workout?
20 At Home Video Workouts
Easy at-home exercise videos for your best body ever. Follow these 20 steps to get slim in a jiffy.
woman running
10-Minute Fat-Burning Exercises

Quick, easy exercises that will help you get in shape in just 10 minutes a day.

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6 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism
Follow these steps to kick your metabolism into high gear and keep those temptations in check.
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woman measuring her waist size
24-Hour Diet: Slim Down Quick

Follow these tips to lose weight quick.

identical women lined up in suits in a field with backs to camera and one different woman jumping
10 Ways to Stick to Your Resolutions
Follow these tips to make your resolutions stick for good.
woman with bracelets removing wine from bucket
Your Anti Resolution Guide
We all make promises on January 1st, only to break them before the week is out.
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blond woman at table in dark kitchen reaching for raw chicken
Have a Very Healthy Holiday Guide
MC's holiday weight-loss guide
woman exercising on pier
Workout Moves for a Celebrity Body
Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson reveals her slim-down plan.
Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight
Tracey Anderson's Foods to Slim By