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What Type of Guy Dates Smart, Sexy, Confident Women?
You're the complete packagedon't settle for less in love your life.
The Height Debate: Do Men Prefer Taller or...
The stereotype that women prefer tall menor at least, taller than sh…
Why Men Cheat—Guys Tell All!
The dish you're dying to hear.
Sex in the CIA: The Good, The Bad, The Kinky
When Emily Brandwin joined the CIA, she quickly realized that the skills that made her coworkers excellent agents also made them terrib…
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Single with Siggy: Caught in the Friend Zone
This month, our love guru Siggy Flicker advises New Yorker Maddy Bloch, a fashion buyer too often caught in the 'friend zone.'
The Day I Stopped Falling for Jerks
After years of dating charismatic, brilliant, slightly off-their-rockers men who were never that into me, I finally learned to quit cha…
Q & A: What Do Women Want?
A revealing new website seeks to answer that eternal question.
engagement ring
Do You Have Engagement Rage?
For some women, getting a marriage proposal means losing their single friends.
mom playing with baby
What's the Best Age to Have a Baby?
Whether your clock started ticking early or you're feeling a time crunch at 40, deciding when to have a baby is never simple.
red lips biting computer chip
Sex in the Digital Age
Im swearing off text sex. You know, phone-to-phone, text-to-text, dirty rotten vowel-free sex.
Love Notes: A Secret Admirer
I first noticed Cute Apartment Guy, who lived a few floors above me.
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