maid of honor

Missing The Mark With The Farmer's Daughter
My weekend in Corolla, NC for my friend's wedding had the typical concoction of bad moves and failures. I should have known I was in for it when I passed a little market called "Farmer's Daughter" on the way in to town. &nbsp...
My First Experience As Best Man
My first experience as best man at a wedding was stressful. For exa…
the marie claire wedding survival guide
Hello Weddings, Good-bye Savings
When friendship comes with a hefty price tag.
The Bridesmaid Dress Mess
Better phrases to get us into that dress
the marie claire wedding survival guide
Nuptials 911 Cheat Sheet
Your no-fail cheat sheet for how to handle the biggest wedding disas…
the marie claire wedding survival guide
The Wedding Clutch Kit
With these in your bag, you're ready for any marital mishap.
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model with red calculator purse
Bridesmaid Breakdown
What the honor will cost you.