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19 Tips from Estée Lauder Makeup Artists
If there's one thing we don't allow, it's beauty secrets being kept hush hush. We looked to three Estée Lauder makeup artists Suzanne Carr, Blanche LeBeau, and Tammy Slider, to divulge their most sacred tricks and techniques, from rescue elixirs to b
When You Should Be Using Lip Liner
How much of a difference does the extra step make?
dark green eyeliner how to
Makeup How-To: Dark Green Eyeliner
Like blue eyeliner makes blue eyes bigger, dark green eyeliner works…
Makeup How-To: Light Blue Eyeliner in 3 Steps
The best color to really make brown eyes pop.
how to wear light purple eyeliner
Makeup How-To: Wear Purple Eyeliner for Brown Eyes
Make your brown eyes sparkle with these light purple shadow and eyel…
19 Beauty Tricks To Look Better In Photos
Want to be more photogenic? Yes, please!
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10 Makeup Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know
Are you applying your products correctly?
Beauty Shoot: Bold Moves
Leave the neutrality for office politics and accent your 9-to-5 look with a hit of color.
101 Lazy Girl Makeover Tips

Little changes; big results.

blond model with hair down and brunette model with hair in a ponytail
How to Add Serious Volume to Any Hairstyle
Oribe Canales demonstrates how to add va-va-voom to flat hair and reveals what you need to do to leave the salon happy.
blond model with hair down and brunette model with hair in a ponytail
Lady Gaga's Hairstylist Reveals Summer's Hottest Look
Oribe Canales demonstrates how to add volume to flat hair and reveals what you need to do to leave the salon happy.
model wearing bright blue and green eyeshadow
Get Sun-Kissed Skin Without the Sun Damage!
Celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow demonstrates how to use makeup and bronzer to get the perfect summer look.
red haired woman applying mascara
Makeup Tips and Tricks for Redheads
Much like a picture frame, your hair color affects your makeup. Here are a few things for a girl with crimson locks to keep in mind.
how to wear red
New Ways to Wear Red Makeup
Glossed, matte, sheer, or dark, "red is a state of mind," says Val Garland, YSL Makeup's artistic adviser. "Wear it any way you like, b…
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Beauty Tips from the Experts
What beauty products do the experts swear by? Find out, as the beauty pros divulge their secrets.
la mer moisturizing lotion
Ellen DeGeneres's Favorite Beauty Products
Here's a list of beauty tools Ellen DeGeneres uses on set to achieve her laid-back look.
ellen degeneres and portia de rossi
Ellen DeGeneres's Beauty Secrets
The new American Idol judge and self-proclaimed "out of the box" beauty Ellen DeGeneres offers some comic relief on looking good in the…
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green shiseido eyeshadow
How to Wear Green Eyeshadow
Using the same glittering sage shadow on four models with different skin tones, Shiseido Artistic Director Dick Page shows that anyone …
dr hauschka lavender essential oil
Behind the Scenes: Model Behavior
What does it take to be camera-ready? The glam girls from this season's Project Runway spin-off, Models of the Runway, share their beau…
Eiffel Tower, Paris
Foreign Beauty Report: Paris
Forget the stereotypes: French women aren't all sexy, unshaven smokers in chignons. Ying Chu discovers the secrets to modern beauty in …