Gucci Makes Nail Art Great Again

Hellooo, "dipped ink."

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Why I Invest in a Manicure
What a good polish job can reveal about you.
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Get ready for nail envy! Sacai's Chitose Abe wows us with her amazin…
manicured nails
New Subtle Manicure Shade: Essie Allure
Our beauty editor falls in love with this sheer, pale nail polish color.
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The New No-Nonsense Manicure
The 411 on the new Gelife UV Light manicure.
Rich Santos - Sex and the Single Guy blog
My First Impression Pointers
I've been on one of those rolls lately that guys get on, but they don't want to jinx it by examining it. Of course, I'll examine it to…
Stop Your Nail Biting
Chew on this
10 Fast Hair and Makeup Tricks
Fast and easy hair and makeup tips.
Do It Yourself Manicure
Keep your hands looking great with these at-home manicure tips from nail technician Chonya Alvarez from The Spa at Saddlebrook in Tampa…