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Is Monogamy The Best Policy?
I recently came across an article asserting that monogamy is so difficult that many couples may be better off having open marriages, as long as they can agree upon the rules. Am I too mired down in traditional values, or is this idea ludicrous? Is sex out
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5 Weird Reasons Guys Explain Their Insanity
Just like any stupid guy, I make the mistake of generalizing women b…
shirtless guy wearing only a white tie with woman sitting behind him in bed
Why Your Boyfriend Can't Orgasm
I wonder if sex is bad for a woman if the guy doesn't orgasm. I'll b…
a man looking at his laptop
4 Ways Porn Is Ruining My Love Life
I recently came across an article that enlightened me (and scared me…
Holiday Gift Guide
10 Reasons He Didn't Get It Up
I've done some soul searching and have come up with many reasons (ex…
unhappy couple in bed
7 Lame Sex Moves He Pulls in Bed
I don't have the benefit of studio direction and multiple takes. So, the poor girl is just stuck with my first take, and all my bad mov…
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Single Sex
Sex Etiquette: 9 Dos and Don'ts in Bed
A real guy explains what he wants, and doesn't want, you to do in bed.
5 Things to Remember About Flaccidity
Remember, guys fear dysfunction more than being small. We tell ourselves that most women don't think size matters, but how we use it i…
Fun At The Urologist
The things we go through to some day have babies... My recent experience may compare with the gyno visit for a woman with its awkward…
Ridiculous Ways Men Get Women To Go Home With Them
Do you ever go home with a guy because hes got a great gimmick?
I Love Getting Rejected
Dating is an endeavor that is laced with rejection.
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Why Do Men Pay For Sex?
A few months back I was surprised to find out that one of my friends had seen a prostitute.  Buying sex for me would be the same as buy…
Sex, love, dating advice and help.
Masturbation And Me
I started masturbating in 7th grade. The ammo was a tattered 1978 Playboy. After a bunch of times looking through it without incident…
Are Disney World and Chic-Fil-A Better Than Sex? (Continued From Previous Post)
Here are the rest of the reasons I've never enjoyed sex (check out the previous post for the full effect): 4. What If she's not en…
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Are Disney World and Chic-Fil-A Better Than Sex?
I don't know how many guys you've heard say this but: I've never enjoyed sex. I don't know how many times, exactly, that I've had s…
Self Service
Last weekend after a long night of drinking, I found myself in the usual spot: smashed into a booth at a diner discussing inappropriat…