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5 Reasons For Spring Fever
Spring has arrived, and according to a recent survey about weather and sex, 67% of respondents said they become more interested in sex when the weather starts getting warmer.
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13 Reasons I'm A Bad Dater
To be a successful dater, you must lack conscious or remorse-like a …
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What's the Worst Thing About Being Single?
My experience at the wedding I attended this past weekend has illumi…
2 No-Fail Chick Magnets (Guaranteed!)
There are a few things guys swear by.
9 Great Places To Meet People (Other Than Bars)
Most of my stories about meeting people occur in some seedy bar or c…
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State-Sponsored Romance
Facing a flat birthrate and a leap in the marriage age, the Singapore government amps up its matchmaking program.
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Summer Festival Macking 101
Want to make a "new special friend" at the music fest? Study our handy guide.
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What's the Dating Scene Like in Your Town?
Tell us, we want to hear from you.
Is Meeting People Tougher Than Math?
The abundance of single, attractive, and available people in my life gets smaller and smaller as I get older.
Do You Have Emotional Baggage?
If your baggage becomes apparent too early in the relationship, then a guy will probably bail.
4 Things That Make Me Unapproachable When I'm Out
I may be hurting my chances because of meeting a girl because of behaviors I'm guilty of when I'm out.