money advice

11 Things You Need to Know About Credit Cards

For one, that store credit card might not be the best deal.

alexa von tobel
Smart, Sexy Money
Live your richest life no matter what you earn with these no-fail …
money in box
The Rich Girl's Money Rules to Live By
Want to earn more? Spend smarter? Live a glamorous life? Take charge…
book cover
Real-Life Revenge of the Nerds
A new book suggests that teenage outcasts are the most likely to suc…
woman sitting at office chair with tissues in her lap and surrounding her on the floor
Are Women Too Emotional at Work?
Now that women make up the bulk of the workforce, should we brace ou…
female executive
What Does Your Desk Say About You?
Whether it's a shrine to your kitty or clean enough to conduct surgery in, your workspace makes a big statement. But are you sure it's …
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10 Tips to Climb to the Top of Your Career

The corporate ladder can be very unstable, so we rounded up some of the best on-the-job advice to help you keep moving up.

How to Save Like French Women
What living in the style capital of the world taught one American about scaling back.
The Rich Girl's Money Rules to Live By
They did it, and you can, too. How to turn your 9 to 5 into the ultimate cash flow.
hand with jewelry and money
Money Shrink Makeovers
We sent a pair of successful professionals with serious wallet woes to a money therapist for some tough love about their freewheeling f…
woman crossing finish line
Are You Ambitious Enough?
Women who abandon competitive sports after high school may be giving up on ambition and losing their game.
Alex Prager
The next Annie Leibovitz
Rachel Rojas
The next Eliot Ness
Kellie McCoy
The next General Petraeus
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Kimberly Ovitz
The next Donna Karan
Ruchi Sanghvi
The next Mark Zuckerberg
Amy Wagers
The next Marie Curie
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Shelby Knox
The next Gloria Steinem
Julia Kahr
The next Warren Buffett
Naomi Pomeroy
The next Alice Waters