Who Needs Monogamy?
Arianne Cohen and her husband have a happyand openmarriage. Why they decided to try the brave new world of polyamoryand how they make it work.
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Can Bad Sex Be Improved?
Can you take steps to improve bad sex? Our male dating blogger think…
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"Shocking" Study: Men Want Sex More Often Than...
Might not be news to most of the female population, but is there any…
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New Study: Young Couples Unknowingly Disagree...
A new study finds that one partner in nearly half of young couples t…
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New Study: Casual Hookups Can Turn into Love ......
So, aren't they still a bad idea if you're looking for a serious rel…
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Why Men Have Flings
And other scientific insights into why monogamy is so hard for humans. 
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Dating Diary: Picking Mr. Right
I want to be in a relationship, but I'm not sure he's the guy.
Three Questions About Marriage
Some experts argue that monogamy is unnatural,¬†according to an article that included the following excerpt: ¬† "Monogamy was invented fo…
man and woman on a date woman is pulling on man's tie
Are Butterflies in the Belly Really a Sign of Love?
I put a moratorium on belly-dwelling winged insects, avoiding any man who even mildly affected my pulse.