donatella versace

more than a pretty face

Donatella Versace Has Blonde Ambition
Fashion's glam survivor Donatella Versace turns heads and reboots lives in rural China.
natasha bedignfield
More Than a Pretty Face: Natasha Bedingfield
What makes pop star Natasha Bedingfield a rebel? Being good in the u…
diane von furstenburg comic book
Diane von Furstenburg's Comic Book
Diane von Furstenberg doesn't just run a fabulous fashion empire. Sh…
alicia keys
Alicia Keys: More Than a Pretty Face
Talk about cool: R&B diva Alicia Keys is helping provide HIV/AID…
helena christensen model
Helena Christensen Feeds New York
Her latest gig? Getting food to those who can't afford it.
Fergie talks about her battle with drug addiction.
Fergie's New Fight: AIDS and HIV
How Fergie's battle with drug addiction inspired her to help people with HIV.
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liberian children
Liberia — Looking Back and Looking Ahead
How the rewards outweighed the risks
tammy tibbetts with liberian orphans
Life in Liberia — Up Close at the Orphanage
How the rewards outweighed the risks
monrovia's waterfront market
My Week in Liberia
How the rewards outweighed the risks
Queen Noor of Jordan
Queen Noor of Jordan
More than a pretty face.
James Haven
The Activist: James Haven
He's our first male MTAPF.
femail indian soldier
Seema Dhundia: Commander
Seema Dhundia, former commander of the world's first all-female paramilitary in India and current head of the first all-female U.N. pea…
Interview with Liya Kebede
More Than a Pretty Face: Liya Kebede
Kebede discusses the scary truths about childbirth during her trip to Ethiopia.
More Than A Pretty Face
Anna Schuleit- More Than A Pretty Face
German-born artist Anna Schuleit went from anonymous to Einstein virtually overnight, thanks to a call from the MacArthur Foundation an…
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More Than A Pretty Face
She grew up in Thailand, went to school in California, and spent time in Uganda, Bulgaria, and Jamaica. But the place Trisha Prabriputa…