Being a Young Mom Does Not Make Me a Failure

I had to let go of some of my goals, but I have a new definition of success.

Britney Spears and sons
Britney Spears Just Wrote the Sweetest Mother's...

"You are my masterpieces."

America Is One of the Worst Places on Earth for...
According to an eye-opening new report.
Home Girls
They may chronicle domestic bliss, but for housekeeping underachieve…
The Modern Motherhood Conflict
In a controversial new book, firebrand French philosopher Elisabeth …
Supermom Smackdown
A new book by American journalist Pamela Druckerman, Bringing Up Bébé, says that French mothers are superior to American mothers. Quell…
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susan shapiro
My Best Friend Stole My Brother
When writer Susan Shapiro introduced her brother to her close friend, she had no idea she'd lose them both.
mom playing with baby
What's the Best Age to Have a Baby?
Whether your clock started ticking early or you're feeling a time crunch at 40, deciding when to have a baby is never simple.
wie symposium
Just a Typical Day of Women Inspiring Women
At the first-annual WIE symposium, such female leaders as Arianna Huffington and Sarah Brown took the stage to discuss some seriously i…
ultra sound scan and meds
Pregnant? Depressed? You're Not Alone
Ashamed, confused, and afraid to take meds, thousands of mothers-to-be struggle silently with depression. But avoiding treatment could …
mom holding baby
My Amazing Milk Machine
After growing up in a frenzy of feminism and bra burning, Martha McPhee learned to embrace her breasts after she became a mother.
Should You Freeze Your Eggs?
Can science help beat your biological clock?
Elizabeth Vargas
Mother of All Tough Choices
Baby or Job?