Muslim Fashionistas Put a Stylish Spin on the...
These aren't your mother's headscarves.
Virginity for Sale
A new product aims to save lives by making women into "virgins."
Iran's Transsexual Revolution
Being gay in Iran is illegal. But being a transsexual is not. Huh?
afghani woman
Fighting a "Forced Divorce"
Picture this: You're newly married, pregnant, rudely happy till you…
afghani woman
A Foreign Affair
When holding hands is a crime, falling in love can be dangerous in Saudi Arabia.
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pearl project class at georgetown university
Solving the Murder of Danny Pearl
Will they solve the murder of Danny Pearl before the FBI?
man waving a newspaper in the air at a sudanese rally
Lash Report: Put the Whip Away
The practice of publicly flogging lawbreakers is having a moment around the globe.
captured suicide bomber's vest
When the Suicide Bomber Is a Woman
On the day before she set out to kill...
woman in blue burkini with boogie board guys
Are You Ready for the Burkini?
Fashion Road Test
turkish family
Honor Suicides
Honor Suicides
a woman shops in dubai
Shopping in Dubai: One Size Fits All
We're on a fashion caravan
women in pakistan praying
River Deep Mountain High
It's up to the women to save themselves.