Muslim Fashionistas Put a Stylish Spin on the...
These aren't your mother's headscarves.
Virginity for Sale
A new product aims to save lives by making women into "virgins."
Iran's Transsexual Revolution
Being gay in Iran is illegal. But being a transsexual is not. Huh?
afghani woman
Fighting a "Forced Divorce"
Picture this: You're newly married, pregnant, rudely happy till you…
afghani woman
A Foreign Affair
When holding hands is a crime, falling in love can be dangerous in Saudi Arabia.
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pearl project class at georgetown university
Solving the Murder of Danny Pearl
Will they solve the murder of Danny Pearl before the FBI?
man waving a newspaper in the air at a sudanese rally
Lash Report: Put the Whip Away
The practice of publicly flogging lawbreakers is having a moment around the globe.
captured suicide bomber's vest
When the Suicide Bomber Is a Woman
On the day before she set out to kill...
woman in blue burkini with boogie board guys
turkish family
Honor Suicides
Honor Suicides
a woman shops in dubai
Shopping in Dubai: One Size Fits All
We're on a fashion caravan
women in pakistan praying
River Deep Mountain High
It's up to the women to save themselves.