A Plane Could Fly from the UK to NY in 20 Minutes
It's transatlantic travel in even less time than your morning commut…
11 Strange Yoga Styles
There's more to it than just flow and breathing. There's weed. And h…
The Most Popular Lip Colors Around the World
Discover the lipstick shade of choice for women in the world's 50 mo…
Cotton Makers - Demestiks
Celebs and bloggers flock to Reuben Reuel for his one-of-a-kind pieces that WILL get them photographed.
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Celebrating Style: The History of Fashion Week
The evolution of one legendary event.
From New York With Love: Part III
Bringing you the latest in global travel, Marie Claire went to "the city that never sleeps" and cruised from uptown to downtown, to eve…
From New York With Love
Bringing you the latest in global travel, Marie Claire went to "the city that never sleeps" and borough-hopped from Manhattan to the Br…
World's Top Authors Compete in a Spelling Bee
Would you be daring enough to stand up in front of all of your work colleagues and participate in a spelling bee? Likely not. It's prob…
gay pride parade
How Gay Marriage Is Good for Straight Women
Will it help ensure that more of us can find "a marriage of equals?"
judge with gavel in courtroom
The Strange Case of the "Rape Cops"
Two members of the NYPD who were accused of raping a drunk woman were found not guilty.  
couple in las vegas
The 5 Best (and Worst) Cities for Single Women
Based on the ratio of single women to single men, you may consider making a move.
alessandro dellacqua fall 2008 runway looks
The World Cup of Fashion: Italy vs. US
What's the difference between Italian and American style?
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ny fashion week
New York Fashion Week Recap 9/10
Check out the latest fashion from Michael Angel, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Davidelfin, Duckie Brown, Mara Hoffman, Nicholas K, Whitney Eve, Ports 1…
best food in the hamptons
A Culinary Tour of The Hamptons
Marie Claire's Chic Chef, Christine Cho shares her guide to the "Edible Hamptons"
rickys runway hair tools
Get the Look: Runway-worthy Hair
Rickys runway-approved hair clips, combs, and brushes just hit the market at rickys-nyc.com.
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In Law and Order
New York can appear a little bit aggressive, but I got used to it quickly-you don't feel the usual anonymity of big towns in New York.
New York Winters
I enjoy this city because people speak with each other as if we were a big group of friends in summer camp.
Beauty What I Love About Me
What I Love About Me: Beauty Road Show
Our regular series celebrating diverse and fabulous faces and inspirational ideas! from across the country.
Visiting Poughkeepsie New York Soon?
Just spelling Poughkeepsie is a tough one. But training there while traveling this summer can be beautiful (and tough if you want i…
Shopping Tour: East Hampton, New York
Ah, East Hampton's shopping district... If there were a retail heaven, it might look something like the shimmering, tree-lined stretch …
stella mccartney store in the meatpacking district of new york city
City Shop Watch: Meatpacking, NYC
These trendy boutiques attract shoppers with impeccable taste.
Real Housewives of New York
The other night I sat in front of my TV and watched three hours of the Real Housewives of New York.
Heroism 0, Wind Chill 19
There are a lot of insane people in New York.