one-night stand

Casual Sex Has Come To This
The latest over-the-counter wonder to satisfy your one-night-stand needs.
man and woman in bed
Can Bad Sex Be Improved?
Can you take steps to improve bad sex? Our male dating blogger think…
man and woman in bed
Biggest Dating Regrets
I went through a phase where I regretted just about every move I mad…
sex and love sexy couple
Pros and Cons of Sowing Your Wild Oats
Pros and Cons of Sowing Your Wild Oats
couple kissing in a car
5 Reasons For Spring Fever
Spring has arrived, and according to a recent survey about weather a…
woman and men with pants down
"Shocking" Study: Men Want Sex More Often Than Women
Might not be news to most of the female population, but is there anything wrong with that?
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bed with rumpled sheets
How Bedbugs Can Ruin Your Relationship
The little critters are infesting beds and relationships across the country. Here's how to practice safe (and insect-free) sex.
single girl alone in apartment
13 Bad Habits to Avoid if You're Single
I'm trying not to fall in these traps.
Single Sex and Couple Sex
6 Reasons To Avoid Casual Sex: A Guy's Perspective
Of course, I'm afflicted with intimacy issues, but I think casual sex isn't worth the reward.
bowl of cherries
Forbidden Fruit: How to Deal When Your Crush Is Taken
It's frustrating when you're into someone who has a boyfriend or girlfriend.
Single Sex and Couple Sex
What a One-Night Stand Guy Looks For ...
A new study suggests it's different from what a man interested in a long-term relationship pays attention to. 
drunk guy passed out on table
MC Cheatsheet: Useless Study Determines Guys Don't Care What One-Night Stands Look Like
Plus, check out what other sites and stories we've been clicking on today.
sex and love naughty man
Is It Still "Good Sex" if You Don't Have an Orgasm?
A real guy confesses that he feels he's failed a woman if he can't bring her the big bang.
How Not to Greet (and Depart!) a First Date
Hellos and goodbyes are so important in dating. Hellos dictate the ever important first impression. And goodbyes leave a lasting impres…
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3 Arguments Against a Full-On One-Night Stand
Why an evening of heavy petting is far more fun than casual sex.
What Not to Say After a One-Night Stand
The "stupid statement" is usually a result of not thinking long enough before speaking. In addition to this, timing plays a role. The m…
6 Reasons Guys Think You're "Easy"
A reader recently reached out and told me that she noticed a cute guy on a flight to Texas with an empty seat next to him.  She took th…
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10 Ways to Find a Relationship in the New Year
There are many circumstances that create the perfect storm for a deep, committed relationship.  In addition to compatibility, you need …
5 Things to Remember About Flaccidity
Remember, guys fear dysfunction more than being small. We tell ourselves that most women don't think size matters, but how we use it i…
6 Reasons to Wait to Have Sex
Sometimes it feels like lessons we learned in sex education could be applied in the "grown up" world.  All too often, sex doesn't happe…