7 Popcorn Toppings to Totally Upgrade Your Movie Night

Birthday cake popcorn is just the beginning.

Holiday Hairstyles: The Lazy Girl's Guide
Eight quick and easy looks for those of us who *ahem ahem* are too b…
Here's What Happened When I Quit Drinking for 10...

I didn't think it would be hard.

bride in picture frame
Wedded Bliss: Bridal Tips & Trends
Everything you need to know about the big day, from beauty and style…
soho house nyc
Bachelorette Party: The Perfect Girls' Night In
Looking for the perfect venue for a bachelorette party, baby shower,…
girls and guys dancing
4 Myths About Your Partying Habits
Red Bull, hookah bars, and more: Whats true, whats not.
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five men and women having dinner
Holiday Tip: Remodel for the Day
Transform your teeny studio into an entertaining oasis.
five men and women having dinner
Celebrity Hosting Secrets
Stars share their best Thanksgiving hosting tips.
friends in the kitchen at a party
Thanksgiving Hostess Etiquette
Four hostessing dilemmas, solved.
friends sitting at dinner table
Your Thanksgiving Handbook
The Mount Everest of dinner parties is before you, but with help from MC, you'll see why claiming the big feast as your own is the ulti…
How to Work a Room
Splurge on a VIP ticket for a good cause karma will reward you with some great networking, guilt-free partying, and a dress to impress…
Lights, Camera, Fashion: H&M Store Opening
Sergio and Jeremy attend the H&M 86th Street Store launch in NYC.
Not Your Mother's Tupperware Party
Brooke Shields hosts a Tupperware Party for Chain of Confidence, a global initiative to encourage female empowerment.
Blog Crush: Hostess with the Mostess
As much as we love throwing dinner parties and get-togethers with our friends, the task of turning a shoebox studio apartment into…
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Operation Escape to Sunshine
I'm usually a patient person but this lady needs her sunshine so, last weekend I hopped a flight to the gorgeous island of St. Maarten,
Colorful Holiday Dresses - Go Beyond The Little Black Dress
10 Holiday Etiquette Don'ts
From hosting to toasting, the holiday faux-pas to avoid.
what to wear to a christmas party
What to Wear to a Holiday Party
Outfit 911: What to Buy in a Style Emergency
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woman with drink
Last-Minute Slim-Down Tips
Last-minute pre-party tricks from top celebrity trainers.
inexpensive fashion
Holiday Fashion for Under $100

Tux-inspired party looks that let you save your bucks for the champagne bar.

blond woman at table in dark kitchen reaching for raw chicken
Have a Very Healthy Holiday Guide
MC's holiday weight-loss guide