ultimate diy pedicure


The Ultimate DIY Pedicure
How to give yourself a glamorous pedicure at home this summer.
woman yelling at man
4 Male Habits That Drive Women Crazy
I recently read a book about the strange ways the male mind works.
flip flops
Save Your Soles from Flip-Flops
Two must-have products will help get rid of the dirty buildup on the…
revlon pedi kit
4 Steps to the Perfect Pedicure
How to get a spa-quality pedicure at home.
How Lying Helps Your Relationship
They say "honesty is the best policy," and this rings true in dating…
A Cute Gesture, Or Total Insanity?
My friend went temporarily psycho a few weeks ago when her overseas love interest visited NYC from Denmark.
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peeky toes
Peeky Toes: A Solution to Cold Feet
These toeless socks protect your feet from the cold and keep your new pedicure in tip top shape.
My Hot Summer Looks for Women
Guys definitely notice a girl's style. Sometimes I'm completely sold on how a girl dresses or how she does her hair. I can remember t…
woman getting pedicure
Do I Have a Foot Fetish?
My obsessive-compulsive mind jumps to conclusions (like the time I thought I had a crabs infestation just because I was itching). So, i…
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