5 Things to Remember About Flaccidity
Remember, guys fear dysfunction more than being small. We tell ourselves that most women don't think size matters, but how we use it is important.
Ridiculous Ways Men Get Women To Go Home With Them
Do you ever go home with a guy because hes got a great gimmick?
Two Creepy Sex Commercials
Remember those Summers Eve commercials? They exposed me to the horr…
Rich Santos - Sex and the Single Guy blog
Why Condoms Have a Bad (W)Rap
I do not get along well with condoms. Last time I tried to apply a c…
The Day I Went Soft
I'm already worried about going flaccid randomly during sex. But o…
(Come) Out, Damn'd Spot!-- A Map to the Female Orgasm?
Ever wonder why guys tend to go tearing off without maps up unfamiliar exit ramps, start putting together things without looking at the…
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