Why You're Extra Tired During Your Period

You're not just imagining it.

This Is How Horrible It Was to Get Your Period...

Can you even imagine a time before modern tampons?

Rumors I Heard About My Body: Is My Period Weird?

Newsflash: Most women's cycles aren't exactly 28 days long.

These New Tampons Are a Total Gamechanger
And they're CHIC. Seriously.
The Best Workout to Do When You're On Your Period
Here's why you should sync your workouts to your cycle.
Instagram Apologizes for Removing Poignant Photos of a Woman on Her Period
God forbid we see something we all know exists.
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5 Strategies I'd Use to Weather My Girlfriend's PMS
Women seem to seek men who can deal with them while they're PMSing. Here are a few options I'd try with said lady friend.
Myths About Your Period
Sex when your friend's in town? Sure, say Susan Kim and Elissa Stein, the authors of Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation.
5 Things You Didn't Know About PMS
Surprising facts about that time of the month.
Do You Need a Period?
To skip or not to skip?
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A Birth Control Pill for Men
We found it curious when ads for the Pill started popping up on Spike TV.
pills and cup
My Once-A-Year Period
Should I take the newly approved, get-your-period-once-a-year Pill (Lybrel)?
Secret Sex Tip
Your hormones