plastic surgery

30 Celebs Who Have Owned Up to Plastic Surgery

Real talk.

The Most Popular Plastic Surgeries of 2016

The facelift is back and Instagram is to blame.

Courteney Cox on Her Plastic Surgery Regrets

Let the record state: She's beautiful no matter what.

When You Want a Kim Kardashian Butt So Badly...

Marlene Chinea's obsession took her on an epic quest.

How Jennifer Aniston *Really* Feels About...
Self love, people. Self love.
Why I Don't Hide My Nose Job
Reflecting on my plastic surgery a decade later.
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Breast Implants Will Now Come with a Scary Cancer Warning in France
The silicone inserts have been linked to a rare lymphoma.
alexander mcqueen heel on the runway
Cute Name, Terrifying Procedure: 'Cinderella' Plastic Surgery Is on the Rise
And it's only getting more and more popular.
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Beauty Breakthroughs
From your daily skincare regime to anti-aging treatments, we have the scoop on the best beauty breakthroughs this year.
kate upton
Plastic Surgery: Did She or Didn't She?
With new advancements in breast augmentation from stem cell injections to cutting-edge implants it's hard to tell. Ning Chaeo investi…
Vaginal Rejuvenation: A Cut Below
The new frontier for plastic surgery is between your legs. Is this fast-growing practice solving a real-life problem or creating a nati…
plastic surgery
The History of Plastic Surgery
With cosmetic modifications dating back to the ancient Romans and Egyptians, look back at the evolution and modern side effects of body…
model with oxygen tank holding up an oxygen mask
Liposuction Shocker: The Fat Comes Back
Judith Newman has had lipo twice so she wasn't at all surprised when a new study revealed that fat returns. Still, she doesn't care.
Botox procedures
Want Botox? Don't Scrimp on the Doctor!
Whether it's a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, here's why you should always go with a board-certified doctor.
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Plastic Surgey Princess, Heidi Montag: Thoughts on a Plastic Surgery Obsession
The other day I stumbled upon (disclaimer:  my sister handed me the magazine when I was over at her apartment) a People Magazine articl…
woman with sunglasses and ace bandages wrapped around her face and neck
Why I Had Neck Liposuction
Samantha Marshall tried scarves, shawls, turtlenecks anything to hide her droopy neck. Would cosmetic surgery do the trick?
model with one gloved hand and a medical needle in the other
Plastic Surgery Nightmares
Nip, tuck, fill, freeze--the promise of eternal youth has never been so great. But in today's hurting economy, greedy doctors are cutti…
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new uses for botox
The New Uses for Botox
A sculpted nose, wider eyes, smoother skin, perkier breasts, even a perfect smile . . . America's favorite wrinkle-zapper now claims to…
woman with sunglasses and ace bandages wrapped around her face and neck
Will Cosmetic Surgery Help You Succeed?
The latest résumé boost? Cosmetic surgery. In an increasingly rough job market, Judith Newman finds that it pays to look good.
woman in lace bra
Bigger Boobs Without Surgery?
Every time I watch Dr. 90210, I come away with the same two thoughts. The first usually has to do with Dr. Rey's high creepiness factor…