The Best Summer Songs of 2018

Channeling warm weather and good vibes.

Behold the Workout Playlist of Your Dreams

To actually get you *excited* about hitting the gym. 🙋

40 Running Songs for a Better Workout

*The scientists = us, so just go with it.

The Perfect Playlist for Your Next Road Trip

Shotgun riders, this one's for you. 

lauren valenti
The Marie Claire Flower Child Playlist editor Lauren Valenti shares her favorite free-spirited tracks.
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lauren valenti
The Marie Claire Best of Governors Ball Playlist editor Lauren Valenti shares her favorite picks.
The Marie Claire On-the-Go Playlist editor Lauren Valenti shares her favorite en route tracks.
penny lane style
Marie Claire's Spring Awakening Spotify Playlist
Time to revitalize your music collection.
the jersey shore sex on the beach album
Jersey Shore: Music for Fist Pumping
As the new season of Jersey Shore premieres, get ready to battle the beats with these club-ready songs.
the cast of sex and the city
Sex and the City 2: A Playlist
A playlist that'll help you prepare for the impending Cosmopocalypse prior to the Sex and the City sequel.
NEED TO DOWNLOAD: Sultry Spring Tunes
MC's sultry playlist for your next spring fling.
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tom blenkiron
London Calling: New Music from the UK (and Southern Ireland, too)
Check out some of the best up-and-coming artists from the UK before they hit the American music scene.
Rock and Dance Workout Music
Awhile back, I created an online workout music database--which I use to gauge all of the songs that I write about here. Here's the full…
saint motel band
HAPPY TEXAS: More Music From SXSW 2010
Artists that should be on your iPod before The Madness begins.
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NEED TO DOWNLOAD: Ring in Spring
Spring is just around the corner; this energetic new playlist will help you greet those crisp mornings with a roar.
the morning bender
Don't Mess With Texas: A SXSW Preview Play List
Artists that should be on your iPod before The Madness begins.
teengers in tokyo band
Greetings from the Future: Artists to Watch in 2010
The artists that you will want to champion in 2010. But dont get too bitter when they make it big...remember, you heard it HERE first!
NEED TO DOWNLOAD: Your Winter Playlist
99-CENT DJ MC music guy Scott Frampton's dead-of-winter playlist that promises to warm you up.
NEED TO DOWNLOAD: Your New Year Playlist
MC music guy Scott Frampton kicks off the new year with a playlist to jump-start those gray January mornings.
gwyneth herbert
Music Playlist: What the Folk?
Our parents had Bob Dylan and Joan Biez, and now we have Bon Iver and The Low Anthem.
michael anderson
Music Playlist: Sounds of Silverlake, California
A play list that is oozing with originality and independence.
Best Late '90s Dance Songs Playlist
Turn-of-the-century dance cuts you might have heard on The Grind if it had stayed on the air a few more years.
Your Labor Day Weekend Playlist
Last of the summer fun or a fearless foray into fall? Make it the best of both with this mix from MC's resident music guy, Scott Frampt…
NEED TO DOWNLOAD: Your Weekend Playlist
Hook up your outdoor speakers and invite the neighbors over! Here, your ultimate playlist for a long weekend.
wolfgang puck at the 79th annual academy awards
How to Throw an Oscars Party
Expert entertaining advice
music reviews
This Month's Playlist...
Here, 3 CDs you need now - start reading, get shopping, and give it a listen.