sarah palin


How Do You Survive the World's Most Public Defeat?
Just ask Sarah Palin's handler, Nicolle Wallace.
Drink Recipes for a Political Partay!
Drink Recipes for an Election Party
michelle obama
Michelle Obama Keeps It Real
She talks about her life in the media whirl and Wal-Mart vs. Target.
vote buttons
Your 2008 Election Guide
Its Time to Exercise Your Power.
Rekindling the Election Flame
8 years after Floridagate, one voter is ready to get back in the boo…
How to Talk About Politics You Don't Understand
A cocktail-party guide to where the candidates stand on the big questions.
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How to Talk Politics
How to engage in spirited debate without the fisticuffs.
TV: Pundit Watch!
Where to get the play-by-play during this political season?
john mccain
Mile High With John McCain
The candidate takes time out on his campaign plane to talk with us.
With an election looking, voters focus on what's really important - which candidate is sexier?
Who's the Sexiest of Them All?
With an election looming, voters focus on what's really important.
woman with red purse at voting machine
Why Aren't You Running for Office?
The view from the visitors gallery in the Capitol is still a sea of mens suits.
woman's hand working voting machine
5 Myths About the Election — Busted
Think youve got the election all figured out? Brace yourself.
international flags
American Politics: The World View
Women around the globe get brutally honest about our next election and us.
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woman's hand working voting machine
Election '08: The Lowdown
Its Time to Exercise Your Power
Pratibha Patil: President, India
Women in Power in Politics
Female leaders around the world.
nancy pelosi
Why I Ran for Office
How these women got involved in politics.
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Spousal Arousal
Candidates public displays of affection.
A short history of the vice presidency - Al Gore
A History of the Vice Presidency
Check out our VP power scale!
Women Who Rock the World
Rising stars of the UN.