The Most Controversial First Lady Fashion Moments

Heels are always a great choice for a natural disaster.

White House Oval Office
The White House Renovation Reportedly Cost $1.75 M
"Renovations are grand," President Trump told Time after the work wa…
Nine Congresswomen on Why They Almost Didn't Run
"As someone who has led a fairly private life, I hesitated to share …
The Reality of Life In Congress

You'll never guess who eats dark chocolate ice cream for breakfast.

The Women of Congress Share Why They Ran for Office

"I'm grateful for models and mentors in my life who believed in me and challenged me to dream bigger dreams.”

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The Women of Congress Share Their Best Advice on How to Be a Boss

"When someone sells you short, you have to ‘kill ‘em with competence."

The Women of Congress on Why Women Should Run for Office

Here's why we need women in office now more than ever.

Ivana Trump
The Best Lines in Ivana Trump's New Book
"After the showgirl got pregnant and had a daughter, Donald married her ... He couldn't not wed the mother of his new baby, regardless …
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Reportedly Requested a Government Jet for His Honeymoon

"That's just slap your forehead stuff," said the ranking Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee.

Charities cancel Mar-a-Lago Galas following Trump's comments on Charlottesville
8 Charities Have Canceled Their Mar-a-Lago Galas This Week
The American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Susan G. Komen all announced they are canceling their planned fundraisers at Donald Trump's…
Donald Trump Says He Owns One of the Largest Wineries in the U.S. He Doesn't.

Perhaps he should find another reason to visit Charlottesville.

Ivanka Trump's Clothing Company Has Been Accused of Hiring Low Wage Workers Abroad

Trump has been accused of hiring workers in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and China, but not ensuring their rights as employees.

Donald Trump Is the Only Recent President Who Didn't Escort His Wife Into the White House

He treated one important moment very differently from his three immediate predecessors in the White House.

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The Obamas Are Buying a House in California

The family will reportedly live a bicoastal life once they leave the White House in January.

What Everyone Wore to the Democratic National Convention

Political fashion = more than just pantsuits.

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Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Jeb Cruz
How Toxic Masculinity Poisoned the 2016 Election

The political discourse has been reduced, literally, to penis size. 

This Is What History Would Look Like Without Men

A powerful portrayal of women's role in history, and an inspiring reminder of the influence even just a few individuals can have.

Barack Obama Has a Few Political Pointers for Kanye West

Just a some things to keep in mind in 2020, Kanye.

The Lenny Interview: Hillary Clinton

Lena and Hillary talk student loan debt and Donna Karan dresses.

House Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban
The bill has an exception for rape survivors, but it's a narrow one.
SMH: A Female CEO Is Saying Women Can't Be President
They apparently do not disqualify the CEO herself from a leadership role.