Chrissy Teigen’s Pregnancy Update Is Hilarious

"This baby is sucking the life from me..."

Pregnant Jessica Alba on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
Pregnant Jessica Alba is Trying Not to Gain Weight

She recently announced she's having a boy.

Almost 300 Pregnant Women in the U.S. Now Have...

The CDC makes some scary announcements.

Kim Kardashian Explains Why She Snapchatted Her...

While cuddling in bed with Kanye West...

An iPhone App Can Now Tell You If You're Pregnant

But um, does this mean you have to pee on your phone?

Chrissy Teigen Announced She's Having a Girl in True Model Fashion

On Instagram, alongside a Vogue cover. Natch.

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20 Things Every 20-Something Should Know About Getting Pregnant

Your *maybe* future kids will thank you.

America Is One of the Worst Places on Earth for Maternal Healthcare
According to an eye-opening new report.
The "Dismemberment Abortion" Defense That Has Everyone Talking
Redditor isitpinkisitpink's story is worth reading, no matter your thoughts on the issue.
Documentary Exposes The Lies Women Are Fed At Crisis Pregnancy Centers
Women are misled through vague advertising, false warnings about the health risks of abortion, and more.
pregnant woman at work
MC Reports: The Battle for Maternity Rights Overseas
As in the United States, pregnant women in the United Kingdom struggle for their maternity rights.
pregnant workers lack protection
Startling Statistics: 42 States Don't Offer Accommodations for Pregnant Workers
In 42 states across America, the needs of pregnant workers are falling through the cracks.
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mom playing with baby
What's the Best Age to Have a Baby?
Whether your clock started ticking early or you're feeling a time crunch at 40, deciding when to have a baby is never simple.
daniela petrova and husband
Why My Husband and I Started Searching for Another Woman
One woman's infertility taught her, among other things, how men really look at the opposite sex.
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I Had a Baby with My Gay Best Friends
Kitty Stillufsen opens up about how she used her two best male pals and a baster to conceive her daughter.
model with frozen egg chamber
How to Stay Fertile Longer
A top fertility specialist discusses the newest way to prolong our childbearing years.
Christy Turlington Directs New Documentary
The model speaks out about how pregnancy can be women's biggest killer.