What's Your Least Favorite Look On A Guy?
My old roommate once bought a leather jacket that was sold out of the trunk of some guy's car in the streets of New York.  It was an "Armani" jacket.  But upon closer examination, the tag read:  "Armandi". 
My Hot Summer Looks for Women
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Nothing to wear? We've got a chic solution.
Outfit 911: Style Emergency
Invited by the boss to a BBQ at her house - tonight?
Belted Dress, <b>$380</b>, Tommy Hilfiger; (646) 638-4812.
Spring Trend: Preppy Chic
A remix of retro and Wasp-style.
red banana republic dress
How to Wear the Ladylike Look
Lose the pearls! Update prim basics with shiny leather gloves, shoes, and bags.
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Matt Titus, Why Hasn't He Called.
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