Ivanka Trump Now Has an Office in the West Wing

...Despite still not having an official role in her father's cabinet.

Trump's 3 Trips to Mar-a-Lago Cost $10 Million

It's very expensive to travel when you're the president.

Best Responses to Trump's "See You in Court" Tweet

"See you in court," says person who just lost in court.

Trump Fires Acting ICE Director Daniel Ragsdale

There've been a lot of Trump staff changes in the past 24 hours.

EPA Science Will Have to Get Approval from Trump

And scientists have something to say about it.

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U.S. Politics Expert: Trump "Highly Likely" to Be Impeached Within 2 Years

Professor Angelia Wilson explains why she thinks Donald Trump will face impeachment.

Sasha Obama Skipped Her Dad's Farewell Address for the Most Relatable Reason

The internet, however, had its own theories.

The Professor Who Predicted Donald Trump's Victory Now Predicts He'll Be Impeached

The "Prediction Professor" has accurately called every presidential election since 1984.

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