LaCroix Isn't Explaining Its "Essence"

Stop being so coy, LaCroix.

10 Things That Cost More for Women Than They Do...
Your pink packaging comes with a higher price tag.
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Skincare Products
Here, the pros reveal their favorite skincare products!
The World's Best Beauty Products
Find out which serums, crèmes, shampoos, and stylers won the Prix d'…
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25 New Products That Will Change Your Life
We tried hundreds no, thousands of lotions, masks, glosses, and ko…
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Hair Secrets from Around the World
From South Africa to Sweden, these beauty diplomats counsel us on their country's best-kept hair care secrets.
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Get Great Skin in Two Weeks
Radiant, smooth, and blemish-free skin: Can new face creams deliver big improvements in just 14 days?
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The Best Products for Rosacea
Tools to calm your red complexion.
To Shave or To Wax...
Whats your preference: Shaving or Waxing?
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Starting Early on Anti-Aging?
After reading so many stories on wrinkles I have already begun my anti-aging regimens - yes, in my mid-20s
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This Month's Best Beauty Buys
Our beauty picks - the best new beauty products.
Cooler Weather and Workout Skirts
So it's getting a bit cooler in most places. ANd I saw something this morning that I just have to comment on. For the love of all manki…
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What's In Gwen Stefani's Beauty Bag?
She relies on a secret stash to stay gorgeous.
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Straight Hair Styling Tips
Hot looks for your locks.
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What Makes Liv Tyler Rock?
She chats about dreaming of donuts and her struggle to stay slim.
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Our Beauty Product Picks
Marie Claire Beauty Director Ying Chu's latest beauty picks.
10 Best Beauty Products For You
Best Beauty Products
Here, the products we're obsessed with
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How To Fake a Tan
When it comes to tans, faking it is the best way to go. How to get your skin from pasty to bronzed and avoid orange streaks.
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Dream Hair
The products you need for the hair you want
Beauty News
Choosing The Best Products
Judgment In Paris