The 15 Strange Things This Sex Worker Has Done

"[There's a] guy who comes to my apartment Saturday mornings with bagels and lox. His thing is setting up the brunch spread and having sex before we eat it."

Human Trafficking Survivor Karla Jacinto Was...
She was forced into prostitution at 12. Now 23, she's becoming an ac…
Amnesty International Wants Prostitution to Be...
And lots of people, including Meryl Streep and Lena Dunham, are not …
Prostitution Problems
Switzerland's plan to keep prostitutes safe.
Diary of an Escaped Sex Slave
She was forced to have sex with hundreds of men before she turned 10…
woman taking off bra before sex
Is Prostitution Inherently Problematic?
In Cambodia, some say it's the better option compared to demoralizing factory work.
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man and woman in formal wear
6 Ways to Snag a Sugar Daddy
Looking to be a kept woman? Try these tips from one who wrote a memoir about her experiences making $1,000 a week from her lovers.
sex slaves detained in a brothel raid
Must-See Film: Redlight
If you happen to live in New York City, skip The Bachelorette tonight and go see something real: a documentary about young girls who ar…
Russian Women Saved from Sex Trafficking in the Nick of Time
Plus, find out how you can get involved in a new human trafficking public awareness campaign.
woman in a bra and underwear peeking through red curtains
My Life in a Harem
Jillian Lauren, one of the Prince of Brunei's 40 girlfriends, on her 18-month adventure in a modern-day harem.
woman in short dress tights and high heels with man in a suit crouching behind her
Craigslist Cheaters
Why some married men pay for sex on the side.
man looking at mannequins in lingerie in storefront window
Why Do Men Pay For Sex?
A few months back I was surprised to find out that one of my friends had seen a prostitute.  Buying sex for me would be the same as buy…
iragi refugee prostitutes
Iraqi Refugees: Sex for Survival
For some Iraqi refugees, prostitution is the only trick they feel they've got left.
screen shot of craigslist
Craigslist Has Lost Its Innocence
Craigslist, we thought we knew you.
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