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23 Questions Every Twentysomething Girl Asks Herself Once
How often do I change my sheets? Am I into girls? Should I rewatch Buffy? (Yes.)
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Get a Guy's Opinion Here
Ask anonymous questions and get answers to your most pressing questi…
Answers From The Beauty Experts
Expert Answers for Eyes, Lips, Skin
Beauty 101
How To Get Sexy Hair
Get Shiny Hair Now
It all depends on texture.
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And everything else you need to know about the mag.

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Mixing Silver and Gold
Rules of jewelry etiquette once dictated that silver jewelry be worn with silver, gold be worn with gold, and never the two shall meet.…
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Get Sandal-Ready Feet
Put your best foot forward this summer with these tips for keeping your feet looking great in those new sandals.
black and red bikini bottoms
Bikini Line Dilemma
Our experts share their pro tips for dealing with a hairy situation.
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Scarf as an Accessory
Scarves are a great accessory, particularly for summer. How to wear them around your neck, hips, and even in your hair.
Ask The Beauty Department
Someone need a beauty hug?
model in black and gold striped minidress and brown boots
Sexy Thighs
Get your legs slim and toned
Do It Yourself Manicure
Keep your hands looking great with these at-home manicure tips from nail technician Chonya Alvarez from The Spa at Saddlebrook in Tampa…
Avoiding Nail Polish Stains
Our pro tips to keep post-polish nails looking pretty, not yellow.
s factor flat iron shine spray
Shine-Enhancing Hair Products
The secret to shiny locks? Keeping your hair as healthy as possible. How to up the shine factor.
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How To Get Long Eyelashes
Extensions are no longer limited to the hair on your head---now, you can get eyelash extensions too. But are they safe?
Career Wardrobe Makeover
Fashion advice
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Camouflaging Extra Weight
Fashion advice
Preventing Back and Chest Acne
As if breakouts on the face weren't bad enough, back and chest acne is a common problem, especially in the summer. Prevent it with thes…
Get Fuller Lashes Now
Anyone who has straight or sparse lashes can benefit from using one of the new lash-curling and volumizing mascaras.