red hair

26 Auburn Hair Color Ideas

Head-turning crimson hues, right this way.

blond hair
Hair Color Rehab
Sun, salt water, and humidity can suck the life and vibrancy out o…
gwen flamberg
I Was a Hair Color Virgin
A redhead by personality (and birth) gives in to the bottle to recla…
drew barrymore celeb lazy girl
The Top 10 Lazy Girl Celebs
See who tops our list.
hairstyles men love rose byrne
10 Hairstyles Men Love
In an effort to demystify what guys find sexy, we polled a handful t…
blake lively
Blake Lively's New Color
The California blonde goes strawberry for spring.
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woman dying her blond hair
What Does Your Hair Color Say About You?
A star colorist analyzes why we go lighter, darker and a little crazy in the salon chair.
brunette and blonde
Decode Your Hair Color
Use this expert troubleshooting guide to get your best hair color ever.
16 Copper Hair Colors To-Die-For

This classic, to-die-for copper shade has been a showstopper for decades.

woman with red hair
red haired woman applying mascara
Makeup Tips and Tricks for Redheads
Much like a picture frame, your hair color affects your makeup. Here are a few things for a girl with crimson locks to keep in mind.
woman with red hair and full makeup
Maintaining Color: Keep Your Red Red
Like award-winning movie lighting, the right hair hue can flatter your complexion, even with no makeup. Here, how to find and keep your…
woman with bright red hair
Is Red Right for You?
Fiery russet, elegant auburn, or classic copper which suits you best? Here, pro tips for choosing your perfect hue and a no-fail stra…
debra messing
What's So Hot About Redheads?

True red or faux? Why everyone should lust for rust.

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