9 Ways to Blow Someone Off (Give Your Middle Finger a Break)
There are so many people in the world and they are all trying to talk to me.
itting at a bar
How To Avoid Giving Out Your Phone Number
The other night I was talking with friends about how awkward it is t…
How To Get Revenge on Your Significant Other
When I was dating my last girlfriend, I got spiteful at times. When …
heart key on a keyboard
How Online Dating Relates To "Real Life"
In some ways, online dating is a completely new way of seeking out a…
woman sitting on the couch
Could Being Dumped Make You More Attractive?
Strangely enough, it could -- depending on what gender you are. 
man in suit with woman behind him nuzzling his neck
When It Comes to Dating, How Crazy is Too Crazy?
Dating is strange because we expose ourselves to so many fish in the sea. Some are crazy.
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man and woman laughing
8 Reasons People Fall for Their Exes
Ever been in one of those never-ending on-again-off-again relationships? Here's why.
Are You Too Nice?
It's hard to tell when a guy is crazy, doesn't have game, or just thinks he's too good to be rejected.
Are You a Boring Date?
In the beginning, the conversation flowed, and there was even laughter. But things went south the second half of the date.
man and woman sparring
How to Reject a Friend (Who, Like, Totally Likes You)
Rejection is a fine art that requires tact, sensitivity, and thought... if you're going to do it in a humane way.
4 Reasons Why Dating Is So Hard
Somehow I woke up at 9 a.m. this past Saturday to get Arcade Fire tickets for their upcoming Madison Square Garden show. Their album Fu…
8 Reasons I Don't Kiss/Make Out on the First Few Dates
I think it's pretty sad that I've never kissed a girl goodnight or made out, sober, after an actual date. The majority of my first kiss…
8 Things Men Think When They Try to Meet Women
The funny thing about "hitting on" a woman is that, while we guys are often the aggressor, we usually fake: confidence, looking like we…
5 Reasons "No" Might Mean "Yes"
My sister once gave her number to a guy because he knew me and it would have been awkward if she rejected him. They went on a few date…
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4 Ways To Reject a Guy After a Bad First Date
One can argue that rejecting someone is tougher than getting rejected. But a tricky time to reject someone is after the first date.
Acting Like A Viking Got Me Rejected
Last weekend marked yet another futile effort at getting a date. 
I Love Getting Rejected
Dating is an endeavor that is laced with rejection.
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My Other 9 New Year's Dating Resolutions
I was remembering my botched porno purchase just the other day.
The Great Slovakian Hope: How Girls I Don't Date Sometimes Help Me Get Over Rejection and Despair
Sometimes it's hard for me to differentiate falling in love with someone versus falling in love with the idea of someone. My siste…