Why We're So Obsessed with Jelena

It is maybe not too late to say sorry.

Why You Won't See Much PDA From Will and Kate

The life of the royals is actually fascinating.

50 Photos of Celebrities Post-Breakup

How would YOU feel after 72 days of marriage?

Why My Poly Relationship Is So Important
With monogamy you hear couples say, "It's us against the world," but…
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14 Famous Love Letters That Will Move Even the Stoniest, Most Cynical of Hearts

This is one tradition that needs to make a comeback.

Justin Theroux on Why His Relationship with Jennifer Aniston Works

The actor reveals the secret to his marital bliss.

Marion Cotillard Breaks Her Silence on the Rumors That She Had an Affair with Brad Pitt

"This is going to be my first and only reaction to the whirlwind news that broke 24 hours ago."

Angelina Jolie Gives First Statement About Brad Pitt Divorce

The actress filed for divorce after two years of marriage.

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My First Year of Marriage Almost Ended in Divorce

"It's not always sexy, and it's not easy."

Study Says Couples Who Get Drunk Together Stay Together Longer

🎶 Drunk in looooooooove 🎶

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12 Things Only People Dating in Big Cities Know

Welcome to the worst dating scene on earth.

Here's Why Prince William and Kate Middleton Basically Never Hold Hands in Public

There's a reason they keep PDA to a minimum.

This Is the Reason Women Wear Engagement Rings

It's not very romantic—but the tradition for wearing them on our left hands is.

What I Learned When People Judged My Bisexual Boyfriend

I was tired of people telling me my relationship wasn't real and people like my significant other didn't exist.

My Phone Ruined My Relationship

"He started to recognize every notification sound and would say something like, 'Great. Instagram is blowing you up again.'"

What Men Really Think When They Propose

It's only the highest-stakes moment of his life so far.

10 Weirdly Specific Dating Sites for When You've Exhausted Every Other Option

Because sometimes swiping left and right just doesn't cut it.

FDA Recommends Approval of "Female Viagra"
The little pink pill has been a long time coming.
So, A Guy Asked Me to Use a Dildo—on Him
"I enjoy a kind of sex that people don't usually associate with straight men," he said.