'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Review

Save us, Felicity Jones.

Kim Kardashian Reviews 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
She's already been to a private screening, and she has thoughts.
The Best New Beauty Products of 2008
25 Products to Change Your Life
We test-drove truckloads of beauty products.
Big Screen Reviews
Friends don't let friends miss these stellar new flicks:
billie piper
Woman to Watch: Billie Piper
WHY SHE'S ON OUR RADAR: The pillow-lipped former pop star and coolest actress in the U.K. sizzles as Belle, a high-priced escort, in Sh…
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Book Club: Rules for Saying Goodbye
Synopsis: At 13, Katherine Taylor left her family's home in Fresno for an elite private school in New England, only to grow up and mov…
Book Club: The Maytrees
THE PLOT: Pulitzer Prize–winning author Annie Dillard spins a poetic love story about the seemingly perfect marriage of artsy intellect…
the septembers of shiraz
The Septembers of Shiraz
The Septembers of Shiraz, about one family's struggle to survive in the aftermath of the Iranian revolution.
Book Club: The Mistress's Daughter
The Mistress's Daughter
MC Editors explore the mind of an adopted woman in the memoir, the Mistresss Daughter.
cover of let the northern lights erase your name
Let The Northern Lights Erase Your Name
This month the MC book club considers one womans search for her father, her mother and her own identity.
three hardcover books
What to Read this Month
Put on your blinders at Borders and head right to these gems.
cover of the other boleyn girl by philippa gregory
Book Club: The Other Bolyen Girl
This month, MC editors spar over lust, ambition, and sibling rivalry in The Other Boleyn Girl.
What to Listen to this Month...
Your monthly crib sheet. Take that, music snobs.
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michael stahl david
2 Mins With Michael Stahl-David
His new movie.
The Marie Claire Book Review
Books: What to Read This Month
Head right to these gems.
Movie Reviews: What To Watch
Friends don't let friends miss these stellar new flicks.
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Book reviews - good books to read this month.
Books: What To Read This Month
Head right to these gems . . .
Music: What to Listen to Now
Your monthly crib notes. Take that, music snobs . . .
What To Watch This Month
Don't miss these stunning new flicks