guy and girl with cardboard boxes over their heads with painted smiley faces


8 Annoying Things Couples Do
I feel a bit guilty because I'm a closet romantic, but some couple behavior is so annoying.
8 Things You Never Knew About Me.....and Were...
Here are 4 more weird things about me:     I Have a Piece of Metal i…
runway model in menswear blazer and sunglasses
Girly vs. Boyish Style and Beauty
There's a sexual revolution going on this season.
jason wu runway model
Look Like a Million for Under $100
Romantic and a bit racy: 1920s-style lace and shine for a classy sho…
Rich Santos - Sex and the Single Guy blog
16 Girls, 16 Lessons Learned (Part 1)
As you know, my life has been filled with dating mistakes, and the o…
Why Am I Having Trouble Getting Into The Holiday Spirit?
I recently read some literature that disproved the notion that suicide rates increase during the holiday season.  That is all fine and …
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lacy and romantic designer fashion
Romantic Fashion: The Lace Age
Frilly, yet fearless . . .