Runner's High Is Basically the Same Thing as a Weed High

So THAT's why marathons are so popular.

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The verdict is in: You don't have to kill yourself to prolong your l…
Full Speed Ahead: Training Essentials
Runner rejoice— the training getup you need for a 10K.
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Hungover Runner: The Marathon Blog
Our Senior Editor, Jessica Henderson, takes us through her experienc…
A Woman's Race to Save the Congo
After watching the Oprah Winfrey Show and learning about the genocid…
Two New Ways to Run Smarter
Improve your running with these high-tech devices.
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woman running
Fitness Files: Runner's High
This freaky gravity-defying treadmill (which requires being fastened into rubber shorts) lifts you off your feet so you can run with mi…
Episode 2 of Running in Heels This Sunday — Dinner's on Us!
Now that we know that there are tears in fashion, just how many will there be? Watch episode 2 on Sunday!
Running In A Tutu
I have a new idea that's a take on the somewhat new trend of running in skirts. Tutus. I think it's an even more feminine way to play u…
Running With The Dogs
Running is always easier with a partner. But finding a jogging partner with the same amount of commitment as you is pretty tough – too…
Start Running
My new friend "LT" wants to start running, but really didn't know how or even where to begin. And there's probably more than just "LT"…
Decoration Day
Memorial Day was officially proclaimed on 5 May 1868 by General John Logan, national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, in hi…
Recycle Old Running Shoes
Get this! First, take your worn out athletic shoe (of any brand) and go to the nearest Reuse-A-Shoe drop-off location. Nike has locat…
Heroism 0, Wind Chill 19
There are a lot of insane people in New York.
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The Shirt You Need Next Year
May the best-dressed team win.
The New Way to Celebrate
Do as the runners do.
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yael kohen smiling in the middle of apples growing on a tree
Running - I Finally Get It
For two hours, I watched Sunday's New York City Marathon from my couch, riveted by the head-to-head race between Paula Radcliffe and he…
woman running
Get Rewarded for Running
Want to run your best half marathon ever?