Prostitution Problems
Switzerland's plan to keep prostitutes safe.
family planning protest
Should We Eliminate Planned Parenthood?
Will that send the message that waiting for sex is a good idea?
3 Arguments Against a Full-On One-Night Stand
Why an evening of heavy petting is far more fun than casual sex.
Is Your Vibrator Giving You Cancer?
Some sex toys are made with chemicals that can seep into your bloods…
Sexual Abstinence: Crazy to Stay a Virgin?
After "Rethinking Virginity," a Harvard conference held earlier this week, the blogosphere is claiming that a new abstinence movement i…
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Rich Santos - Sex and the Single Guy blog
Why Condoms Have a Bad (W)Rap
I do not get along well with condoms. Last time I tried to apply a condom I was drunk. After ransacking my drawer as if I was robbing …