christina aguilera


Christina Aguilera: Her Burlesque Beauty Secrets
The singer talks sexy scents, red lips, and why you'll never see her in beige.
ocean mist haircare
Hair Secrets from Around the World
From South Africa to Sweden, these beauty diplomats counsel us on th…
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You Can Buy Great Hair
Who says you're stuck with the hair you have? It's easy to change yo…
What the Guys I Date Don't Know
Born with a rare condition that left her body malformed, Carla Sosen…
man and woman in bed
Could Your Pillow Talk Send You To Jail?
Pssst, Darling...Could your pillow talk land you in jail?
hairstyle secrets
50 Best Hairstyle Secrets
How to get healthy hair, and tips for your best hairstyles and hair colors.
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jessica simpson
40 Things You Don't Know About Jessica Simpson
That hair, the romances, the stage dad, those sky-high platform heels, and the football jinx
woman with laptop
I Cyber-Stalked His Ex
My ex-boyfriend's wife loves whiskey. How do I know? I cyber-stalked her.
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Real-Life Money Confessions
Marie Claire exposes the secrets women hide inside their wallets
insider expert beauty secrets
Insider Beauty Secrets from the Experts
We asked our favorite beauty junkies to weigh in on the hottest products for fall.
women money and finance confessions
Money Confessions: The Mean Green
We expose the secrets women hide inside their wallets.
woman in dressed up work clothes
I Accidentally Spread Gossip in the Office
Dear Cubicle Coach: I recently let a colleague's secret slip to the office gossip. Any way to undo the damage?Dear Loose Lips:Did this …
(Come) Out, Damn'd Spot!-- A Map to the Female Orgasm?
Ever wonder why guys tend to go tearing off without maps up unfamiliar exit ramps, start putting together things without looking at the…
What Are Your Workout Secrets?
Tell us and you could be featured in Marie Claire
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Secrets of a Former Fat Girl
Lets face it, were all tired of skinny experts who act like weight loss is so freaking easy. In her new book, Secrets of a Former Fat G…
protest rally
When Mom Has a Secret
In prison for crimes she committed in her 20s.
alicia keys
Celebrity Body Makeovers
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What's your sex secret?
Our readers tell all
two models in all white outfits
Would You Kiss a Girl?
Curious, perhaps...
woman working career
7 Secrets for Success

How to come out on top